John Heinrich has been running Solutions Forum for eleven years, and was a successful multitime business owner and consultant before that. He can be reached at 1-800-716-9626 or

Michael Bull has been running two companies, raising money and providing performance and change management consulting for the last 14 years. He can be reached at 480-205-0308 or

Michael DiCarlo has been running sales and marketing for a variety of companies for the last five years, with an excellent record of increasing sales. He can be reached at 520-789-4568, or

It’s lonely at the top.

But, you might not have time to join a ceo peer advisory group, and you might need more reinforcement than once a month, but you don’t need once a week. Or maybe you do if your company is going through difficult times or really rapid growth.

All of us have steered companies through difficult times and rapid growth, and all of us have run successful companies.

The idea for CEO to Go was born out of our own experience, and John’s experience running Solutions Forum, as well as private clients who fit the criteria above.

Whatever your challenges are, we can help you solve them. We’re not expensive to retain, and will develop solutions well in excess of our cost, as we do in Solutions Forum.

So, give us a call. The initial consultation is on us.